Sheilah Roberts

For Maids Who Brew and Bake

For Maids Who Brew and Bake

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Curious cures and delicious recipes from the 17th century are to be found within these pages. With syllabub and loblolly, pottage, and spiced bread, this book describes a way of life long gone. It holds a collection of interesting and tasty tidbits with everything from dream interpretation to diet tips, "use a measure of eating that thou mayst live long and if thou wilt be in health, then hold thine handes."

Excerpts from old English manuscripts and Newfoundland letters paint a vivid picture of how Newfoundland's earliest settlers might have lived.

"An excellent off-beat book which combines culinary delights with history."
Paul O'Neill, author and historian

"Imaginative, learned, passionate, this uniquely displayed book re-connects the olde New Found Land culture with its new whilst teaching us how to cook. I love this book."
Donna Morrissey, author of Kit's Law and Downhill Chance

Excerpt - To make bisket bread, otherwise called French bisket


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