Sheilah Roberts

Rain, Drizzle, and Fog

Rain, Drizzle, and Fog

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Newfoundlanders love to talk about the weather. And why wouldnít they? The province is known for its great gales, fierce blizzards, destructive glitter storms, blizzards, and hurricanes. Itís also known for its fast-changing conditions: if you donít like the weather, they say, wait five minutes and itíll change.

Sheilah Roberts delves into the archives, history books, and newspaper stacks to find stories of Newfoundland weatheróthe joys of a beautiful summer, the sorrows of a treacherous winter and unpredictable spring, and all the mauzy days in between. Reports from 400 years of Newfoundland and Labrador weather are interspersed with traditional weather lore, snippets of science, and dozens of fascinating photos. With a foreword by CBCís Newfoundland and Labrador weather expert, Ryan Snodden.

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Excerpt - . I lay with seven great coats around me at the bottom of the boat and it was with difficulty that I escaped being burnt with the frost


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